Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Frank Delape in Charity Events

Frank Delape the CEO of benchmark equity group is also well known for his philanthropic endeavors and spending his valuable time in participating in events which were conducted to collect funds for the charity organizations. Frank Delape scams are unreal stories and it is a faux stories which are not at all genuine. Frank Delape mission was to help others and he is so happy to do so such things and particularly he cares for the better life of children in the bridge over trouble waters. On every Christmas occasion, he spent the Christmas with those children by presenting the gifts.

Frank Delape also participates in many other charity events which are conducted to collect funds for charity organizations. He is also an member of many philanthropic organizations and holds many responsibilities in the society in terms of both business and his charity work.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Frank Delape in Reducing Carbon Foot Prints

So far we saw many philanthropic activities of Mr Frank Delape and you dont believe this person even care for the earth and trying to reduce the carbon foot print of residential reports. 

Passionate about sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint of residential resorts, Frank and Kimberly DeLape hope to inspire other developers with a new approach to development in Panama
“Live fully but tread lightly” is the mantra of Frank and Kimberly DeLape, the Forbes 500 listed owners of Island Living Resorts (ILR) who have created the ‘eco-luxe’ Emerald Monkey brand. 

The first Emerald Monkey resort, which is being constructed on Shepherd Island in Bocas del Toro region of Panama, is being promoted as the first completely carbon neutral luxury resort. Frank DeLape, who oversees the construction and operational elements of the project, tells OPP that  ‘zero carbon’ is an unrealistic goal for any developer – despite hydro-electricity for the resort’s power and drinking water piped in from the Panamanian mountains. 

“Our carbon control begins from the completion of the development,” he says. “We have gone through a brutal Environmental Impact Analysis to measure and manage the impact of this resort.”

Unique to ILR, as far as OPP is aware, is the recruitment of a Chief Conscience Officer to rigorously explore every detail of the resort to ensure its carbon neutrality – from whether the Balinese wood and stone are from renewable sources to water management. Part of this rigor is to offset the shipment of villas from Bali, where they have been designed, built, inspected and dismantled. “We looked around the world to see which society had invested the most in sustainable communities, and Bali came top of the list,” adds CEO and founder Kimberly DeLape. “They combine indoor and outdoor living in their architecture, and that is what we will deliver with Emerald Monkey.”

Emerald Monkey is a personal project for Frank and Kimberly, that allows them to explore the carbon neutral model and apply the lessons learned to other developments in the pipeline – including ‘The K’, a chic resort on one of the other islands in Bocas del Toro. “This is a learning process that the entire industry can benefit from,” Frank concludes. “And it’s launching at a time when people are more receptive to it,” adds Kimberly. “Not just because of the eco element, but because they are looking for unique experiences. We want to be able to offer a cultural experience that’s worth the journey.” Really we are very proud of Frank Delape for his caring effort in reducing the carbon footprint and how could such a person would involve in scams and the frank delape scams are not the worthy source

Source:Overseas Property Professional 

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Frank Delape - Christmas Press Release

                 “We’re Blessed to be a Blessing” – Frank DeLape

Frank DeLape, Chairman and CEO of Benchmark Equity Group, is a determined and trustworthy business man who has made a positive name for himself in the Houston area.  His company provides private equity and debt financings from various funds as well as a syndicate of investors. He also has a heart for giving back to the community and has partnered with The Bridge Over Troubled Waters Inc. to invest in the lives of those the organization serves.

Since 1978, The Bridge Over Troubled Waters Inc. has provided support and shelter to individuals and families who are victimized by domestic and sexual violence. The establishment started with a group of volunteers whose passion was to help victims of abusive circumstances. It provided a safe atmosphere for six families, during early operations, and has now grown into the sixth largest crisis center in the state of Texas. Currently serving over 20,000 people annually, this organization offers community and educational outreaches as well as residential and non-residential services. Through these programs, The Bridge focuses on each client’s step-by-step process of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing. Understanding the heavy negative impact abuse has on the lives of individuals and families, the Bridge strives to build self-sufficiency within the victims that will grow into a future of healthy choices, positive relationships and gratifying lifestyles.
The Bridge caters to Harris County, where there is an estimated 6,935 sexual assaults towards woman and 52, 560 domestic violence reports in a year’s time according to Women’s Resource of Greater Houston and the Harris County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council. There is a diverse group of individuals in need of assistance, but nearly 50% of the emergency center population is children. These statistics emphasize the demand for such an organization and has given the Bridge the drive to continuously meet the communities’ needs.

Frank DeLape believes in this organization and understands that a little bit of hope and cheer goes a long way.
Each Christmas Season, children, hoping to be on Santa’s “nice list,” write a letter expressing their desired toys and gifts. For 15 years, Frank has ensured that the children from The Bridge Over Troubled Waters shelter do not go unnoticed. He has receivess numerous animated letters from children at the center conveying their Christmas wish list. Frank and his family then embark on a journey to purchase the two items each child desires most.

Frank’s passionate and caring nature goes one step further:. On Christmas Eve, he is decked out in a red suit and hat, ready to deliver the gifts and toys. The children wait in anticipation to see Jolly Old Saint Nick and all of his elves.

The experience isin not only about the gifts, but givingen the children a feeling that many of them have long for buty rarely or never receive: the feeling of being cared for, loved and appreciated. (or appreciated or though of) and love.

Deborah Moseley, LBSW Executive Director of The Bridge Over Troubled Waters expresses, “Each year, Santa Frank and his elves give the gift of hope to children in our emergency shelter who have been in crisis situations.  From the newborn to the young man entering college, he touches their lives with his generosity.  Often it is the first time in their troubled lives anyone has cared enough to give them a true “want” and not simply fulfill a need.  The DeLape family is a true partner with The Bridge in making positive change in the lives of survivors.”

 In March 2011, the Bridge opened a new facility better to accommodate those in need.The Bridge has grown rapidly causing the construction of a new facility that opened in March 2011. This new crisis center serves a an emergency shelter, houses 100 beds, and includes a 24-hour phone line dedicated to crises intervention. This building also allows for additional awareness cultivation events to be implemented.
As The Bridge Over Troubled Water continues to grow and serve the community, Frank DeLape will maintain his dedicated role in each child’s life during the holidays. Many may consider the idea of Santa Clause a scam; however, Frank and his family believe that this simple act of kindness provides them with an opportunity to continuously live out their motto: “We are blessed to be a blessing.”

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Frank Delape Christmas Celebration

Helping the troubled hands is what frank delape always do and one cannot dedicate their time as like Frank Delape for philanthropic activities. Nearly for the past 14 years, MR and MRS Frank Delape have been spending their Christmas Eve with the children's of bridge over troubled waters. That too, Frank dresses himself as Santa Claus and fulfills the requests and wishes of the children. This generous couple together spread goodwill and hopes to all of the families at the bridge. The Christmas festivity in the bridge over troubled water includes cookies, candy, musicians, hugs from Santa and, of course, presents. 

He enjoys the day over there and of course the children's love his present on this great occasion. You can see all happiness and fun in the faces of the children's when they see frank being dressed as Santa Claus. The children's of bridge over troubled waters write their requests in the letter and frank without forgetting present two gifts for each and every children over there. "Children need love, especially when they do not deserve it". This is the famous quote of Harold Hulbert and this man follows this quote and gives the children love and affection which they do not deserve during their birth.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Frank Delape as Father Christmas

Frank Delape for the past 14 years spends his Christmas eve by playing the role of Santa Claus for the children of  bridge over troubled waters fulfilling the requests of children's wish list. Frank along with his wife Kimberly delape spread goodwill and hope to all of the families at  bridge. The festivities includes everything from Santa and it includes cookies, candy, musicians, hugs from Santa with lots of presents. The Children's in the bridge over troubled ask their requests to Santa through letter and frank delape as a Santa present the Christmas gift to children's as they have asked in their letter.

The bridge over troubled waters was a non- profit shelter program offering a family-like atmosphere for women and children in crisis situations. Santa Frank being the great philanthropist gives the gift of hope to children's in crisis situations and the delape family being the true partner in the bridge over troubled waters made the atmosphere positive over there with their care and affection. 

Monday, 1 August 2011

Frank Delape Philanthropic Endeavors

Frank Delape every year make himself as a Santa Claus and give gifts to children in the San Jose de malambo orphanage. He along with his wife supporting the school children in the panama to get proper supplies so that they can continue their school properly. On our previous post, we say that he is an active member of UNICEF and has been helping people of bocas del toro.

Frank delape also help others by providing primary health care services as a member in legal community health services and give the hope to others who lost it through tux and tennies and serve person in crisis through crisis intervention of Houston. 

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Frank Delape in different Philanthropic Community

Frank has a generous heart and for the past fourteen years, he along with his wife has been delivering presents to the Bridge over Troubled Waters shelter for victims of domestic violence. Each year, youngsters who are served by the shelter write a letter to Santa requesting their two must-have toys for Christmas. The Delapes get the requests, and then scurry around town picking up the coveted items and wrapping them in time for a Santa delivery on Christmas Eve. Frank as a Santa encourages the children and adults each and every year as a casual gathering with holiday party at special treat. Frank delape not only care for humans, but also for animals and a group which was concerned for animals founded a citizens for animal protection to care for thousands of neglected and abused animals in Haris County. Frank delape was also a member in this cap and boast seven dogs in their menagerie. Frank delape always say that “We support kid’s animals,” “Because they don’t have a voice.”

Frank delape is also an active member in legacy community health services, a community health center that provides comprehensive, primary healthcare services to all Houstonians in a culturally sensitive, judgment-free and confidential environment. Generous financial support from individuals, businesses and charitable foundations allows Legacy to provide no-cost or low-cost healthcare services to over 20,000 men, women and children each year. Frank financially supports this health service community and aid many people. These are few philanthropic activities of him and the list extends.